Our mission is simple: to help talented software developers work from anywhere on interesting projects.

From Engineers, For Engineers

What makes us different

As software developers, we struggled with finding remote work on international projects that were both interesting and well-paid. We knew that such projects and companies were out there, it just wasn’t an efficient market. That’s why we started Remote Crew.

All the projects we work with must fulfil 3 main conditions:

  • Remote work.
  • Fair compensation, with a salary range stated upfront.
  • Innovative and challenging products.

We do our best to help people like us find meaningful work. Sometimes, it takes a bit longer than expected. But it's worth the wait. When you're working on interesting projects and you're being well compensated for it, that's when you do your best work. Win-win.

Remote Crew has helped me to find challenging international projects to work from home in Brazil as a software developer.

Gabriel Veloso

Gabriel Veloso

Fullstack Developer