Deliver high-quality tech products without worrying about recruiting

On-demand engineering teams. Simple. Better.

Need software engineers? Recruiting them one by one and hoping they're the right fit takes money and time.

Hire the right team!

Avoid large upfront recruiter fees

Hiring great engineers one by one can get very expensive quickly, particularly for candidates with whom you have very limited working experience.

Rely on qualified global talent

Narrowing your talent pool to engineers who live near you imposes an unnecessary hard limit on the quality of your team and on workforce diversity.

Don't let investors and business partners down

Committing to hire for your company's structure is riskier and takes significantly longer, which may compromise the on-time delivery of your product roadmap.

Remote Crew can help!

We are not a digital agency.

We provide teams of vetted software engineers who integrate the company’s engineering team, dig deep in the product and accelerate delivery.

We free CTOs for strategic thinking.

CTOs are typically overworked because they are required to do the technical implementation on top of providing direction.

We help startups reach exponential growth.

We provide startups with the necessary resources to build high-quality products they are actually proud of showing their customers.


Why choose
Remote Crew?

Lead Engineers of tech startups partner with Remote Crew to ensure they deliver great software products on time and on budget.


Negotiable contracts with simple monthly billing, no hidden fees.


Full-time dedicated teams of engineers ready to start working on your projects.


Pay as you go model - easily adjust the team to match your demands.


Enrich your team by working with talented engineers worldwide.

Find the right team for your product

Pedro Cruz

React Developer

2 Years of experience


Eduardo Vedes

Full Stack Developer

4 Years of experience

Team Lead

Sérgio Castro

Dev Lead

6 Years of experience

Team Lead

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"We love the flexibility and clear communication. It helped us quickly find a team and move the company forward."



"Remote Crew has been able to consistently help us find talented developers to build great tech products."



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